Back and Forth

Puck snuggles.

I was off to a rough start today. I spent the night tossing and turning, and finally rolled out of bed at around 7:45. That is LATE for me. An hour was spent sitting around trying to get myself to go to the gym. I did, but only for a short time. I guess I just wasn’t in the mood for indoor exercising today. However, I did run several short errands that had me walking back and forth between home and my various destinations all day for a total of  6.6 miles.

At the gym, I managed 3 miles of intervals before I was completely bored.

I went home for a while, and then set out for the library. The result:

The REAL last Sookie Stackhouse novel, since I plan to finish this one tonight.

At home, reading and cleaning ensued. I love days off. Then it was off to meet Emily for coffee. We spent a couple of hours drinking tea and chatting about things. Greg was out for a walk, so he stopped in and walked me home.

Upon my return home, I set out again, this time in search of food. Since Greg is playing with some friends, I decided to run to Whole Foods and pick up some soup and the most amazing piece of bread I have ever eaten.

Which brings me to now, parked on the couch, getting ready to finish my book. I’m not in a cooking mood lately, but I reckon it’s just a phase.


  • 3 miles of intervals on the treadmill
  • 0.8 mile to the gym and back
  • 1 mile to the library and back
  • 0.8 miles to Alterra and back
  • 1 mile to Whole Foods and back

16.1 miles down, 83.9 miles to go

About alimental

I am a recent college grad who loves preparing and eating good, healthy food. I live in Milwaukee with my husband and our two cats.
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