Days 25, 26, and 27

That walk around the neighborhood never happened on Christmas, so I’ll call day 25 a rest day.

On the 26th, something funny happened. I woke up at 5:45 and got ready to go to the gym. I thought it was pretty badass to go to the gym super early on a Sunday morning that was also the day after Christmas. So I walked over and went inside. But there was no one there. In fact, the lights came on when I walked in. It was ridiculously creepy. I lifted some weights for like 5 minutes and then left, because there’s no way my imagination was going to let me stay. Then I had to go to work, so my total for day 26 includes only my walk to and from the gym. 0.8 miles.

90.2 miles down, 9.8 miles to go.

Things started to look up on day 27. First, I had a quick walk to and from the grocery store (1 mile). Then, Greg and I walked the 3 miles to the house of the woman whose dog I am currently taking care of. We opted for a bus ride home because neither of us was really dressed for the weather. That’s 4 miles for the day.

I’m getting lazy with so few miles left and a still few days left to complete them.

There is a serious lack of food in this blog these days. The truth is that I really haven’t been cooking much, since we’ve been eating leftovers from holidays for a while now. I hope to be back to normal with cooking and eating with the new year.

94.2 miles down, 5.8 miles left.


About alimental

I am a recent college grad who loves preparing and eating good, healthy food. I live in Milwaukee with my husband and our two cats.
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