An Outrageously Good Day

Overall, I have enjoyed the detox experience, though I’m not sure that I did it for long enough to reap any real benefits. I did eat a lot more fruits and vegetables than I normally do, and I noticed some small positive changes in my digestion. Most of them are gross to talk about, so I’ll let you try it out for yourself if you want to see what I mean. Or send me an email if you’re just dying to know. All in all, this is a food blog, and I want to keep it appetizing.

The only food photo I took today was of my simple banana oats breakfast.

I was out of ALL dried fruit this morning. Sad, sad day. But also happy day, because that means I had to go to Trader Joe’s.

After that lovely breakfast, I proceeded to have a really outrageously lovely day. High points are in bold.

As soon as we were ready to go, Greg and I took a walk to UWM so that he could print some things for a school application. We hopped on a bus to the post office so that he could send off the application envelope. With that, Greg sent off his third and final PhD application. Now, we wait and see.

We went to the mall, where I obtained a sweater, a shirt, and free underwear. That’s enough to make my day right there! Then, we met my lovely parents for lunch. It was delightful to see them, of course. Obviously, we also had to run into Trader Joe’s for some staples. Mostly wine and dried fruit.

When we came home, Greg had loads of work to do, so I though it would be best for me to get out of the house and let him focus. I am a huge pest. First, I took a walk to the library. The result of that outing:

This book looks both delicious and informative. I love learning about vegetables!

Another book that I’ve been hearing a lot about recently.

Since I was right across the street, I also went to Beans and Barley, just to take a look around. Of course, I ended up buying a kitchen item that I simply could not live without.

Yes, it is a tiny pink strainer in the shape of a flower, and it is even cuter in real life.

Allow me to justify this purchase.

I have been meaning to buy a mini strainer for a while, because I often find myself boiling single servings of frozen vegetables or small amounts of pasta, and it’s really annoying to bring the giant strainer out just for 4 ounces of green beans.

I was planning to buy the mini strainer from Anthropologie. So let me tell you why this was actually a smart (not frivolous) purchase.

  1. The one at Anthropologie is at least $12, and this one was only $8.50
  2. The one at Anthropologie is ceramic (this one is plastic), so I would have broken it and had to buy a new one within a few months.
  3. The one at Anthropologie is not shaped like a flower.
  4. This one had my mother’s family name on it. It was an omen.

Now, I must go order some Thai food and spend the evening hanging out with my best friend in the world.

It doesn’t get any better than this.


About alimental

I am a recent college grad who loves preparing and eating good, healthy food. I live in Milwaukee with my husband and our two cats.
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2 Responses to An Outrageously Good Day

  1. Stephanie Voss AKA Cayenne says:

    Reading your blog brings me pounds of joy! I love you so much and what’s even better then that is to know how much you love us.
    Truly blessed,
    Your mom XO
    Dad Too!!

  2. Stephanie Voss AKA Cayenne says:

    Oh, one more thing,
    Purchase Justified! 🙂

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