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Super Healthy Banana Cookies

Yesterday, I was dying to bake something. I also had two hideously ripe bananas, so I actually had to bake something. The only problem is that every time I bake, I eat FAR too many baked goods. So, I decided … Continue reading

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Most Excellent Granola

Today is shaping up to be an excellent day off. I had an excellent workout, followed by an awesome breakfast at Beans and Barley with Greg. I’m about halfway through The China Study, I received new issues of both Yoga … Continue reading

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What Is A Scruffin?

According to Angela at (one of my ultimate favorite blogs), it’s a hybrid of scone, muffin, and cookie. I think it’s just plain amazing. Last night, I made the Healthy Carrot Cake Power Scruffins (recipe here), and today, I … Continue reading

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I’ve had several questions about some of the ingredients, so here’s some information about some of the less common ones. I’m also making this post into an easily accessible link right under the header, and I’ll continue to update it … Continue reading

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Spelt and Sweet Potatoes

I didn’t get to the gym yesterday until a little after 4pm. Oh man, my run was infinitely more difficult with about 6 slices of bread in my belly. So difficult, in fact, that I ended up doing some walking … Continue reading

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After finishing yesterday’s post, Greg and I decided to venture out into the nasty weather to the library. I was in search of some new baking books. Bread baking books, specifically. You may recall that I have never successfully made … Continue reading

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Apricot Walnut Apple Cookies

Here’s a recipe for a ┬áhealthy cookie that makes an awesome snack or breakfast component. Adapted from Applesauce Softies in Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar. Apricot Walnut Apple Cookies 1/2 cup spelt flour 1/2 cup oat flour 3/4 cup … Continue reading

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