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I can’t believe I live in California.

This place makes Wisconsin seem like a wasteland. My breakfast this morning. Strawberries with cereal. We hit up another farmer’s market today (the one that we’ll probably be frequenting, since it’s less than a mile from our apartment). 3 more … Continue reading

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Workout + Very Veggie Breakfasts

Recently, a friend asked me to share more about my workouts on the blog.  I am not a personal trainer, but I am MY personal trainer. I’m happy to share what what works for me, but I will not claim … Continue reading

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Italian Style Tofu Scramble

Somehow, all of my tofu scrambles seem to end up Mexican themed. Today, I decided to switch up my usual salsa and chili powder scramble and make a delicious Italian style scramble. This is definitely a winner. Italian Style Tofu … Continue reading

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Final moments in SD/What I ate today

Greg and I had been craving a margarita for our whole trip. Cinco de Mayo must have been getting to us. We finally found one on our last afternoon there. For our final San Diego dinner, we went back to … Continue reading

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Carrot Cake Oatmeal + Beastly Vegan Nachos

I’ve been sick with a  fairly nasty cold for the last few days. Yesterday was mostly spent lounging on the couch, but I did enjoy some amazingly good food. I can hardly imagine how good it would have been without … Continue reading

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Tropical Raspberry Smoothie

Don’t worry, I know raspberries aren’t a tropical fruit. The tropical aspect of the smoothie comes from banana and pineapple, and the raspberries turn this concoction a beautiful, bright pink. This just might be my new favorite smoothie. Tropical Raspberry … Continue reading

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Most Excellent Granola

Today is shaping up to be an excellent day off. I had an excellent workout, followed by an awesome breakfast at Beans and Barley with Greg. I’m about halfway through The China Study, I received new issues of both Yoga … Continue reading

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